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Dominican Jeffrey Alexander Tavarez and his girlfriend/ baby mama sextape porn video leaked online, se filtra porno. Bonao.- The Judge of the Office of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention, Rosa Maria Almonte, gave a year and a half of preventive detention, as a measure of coercion, to five accused of the shooting death of merchant Jeffrey Alexander Taváre z in a fact happened in Bonao Dominican Republic.
Magistrate Rosa María Almonte dictated the prison against young Daniela Burgos, 21, who is credited with the intellectual authorship of Tavárez’s death; and to the defendants Dauryn Manuel Burgos, Andy Ferrera Núñez, Pedro Luis Henríquez and David Adames Villamán.
Almonte also declared the complex case and ordered the distribution of the accused to different prisons, sending Daniela Burgos to the Rafay-Women Correction and Rehabilitation Center.
After finishing the hearing, the young people were taken out of the courtroom under strong security measures. During the transfer, Daniela was asked about her state of health after suffering a “beating” when she was detained in a police station in Piedra Blanca, but did not respond.
While another of those involved, when approached by journalists, said that they have nothing to do with the death of the 27-year-old merchant, owner of a car rental business and who, according to relatives, had won a demand of three million dollars in the United States.
“I’m innocent. I gave myself voluntarily. I have proof that I was in my business … I have a hooka business. There were relatives of him taking there, “he said.
Video: A video taken by a security camera placed in the front area of the residence, shows the moment that Jeffry Alexander Tavarez arrives in a white car in the early hours of the morning and, after parking, his sentimental partner leaves the vehicle.
Later, according to the video, Daniela Burgos opens one of the iron doors that access the house, moments when three young people appear suddenly behind the vehicle, and one of them shoots him several times to the deceased, who tries to defend yourself giving reverse.
The first to notice the presence of the aggressors was the young woman who, at first, tries to flee but then raises her hands in an attitude of terror and sees how the young people shoot her ex-partner.

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