FULL VIDEO: The Game Sex Tape & Nudes Photos!

The Game 3

The Game’s sex tape porn has allegedly leaks with Nicki Minaj onto the internet, according to a new report. The explicit four-minute video gives fans a glimpse into the rapper’s not-so-impressive bedroom skills.
Rumors swirled that the Game’s alleged sex tape has leaked on Friday, Sept. 16. The video in question exposes him for “being a 4-minute man,” according to a report via In Flex We Trust. According to the gossip outlet, there was a hidden camera shot inside the room where the Game and the mysterious woman were seen having sex. Although the tape has leaked since then, the clip has since been removed from the In Flex We Trust news site.
The Game 3
The Game 5
the game3
The Game 2
The Game 12
The Game 10
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game nicki minaj
Nicki Minaj and The Game
091616 music the game used nicki minaj for his latest meek mill insult 5

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